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Curiosity: On Year on Mars


Dear ,

It has been a year on Mars with Curiosity, and what a year!

Hope you were with us in person or on line for the Curiosity rover landing last summer. So far…we rolled right into a riverbed, we zapped Martian rocks with our own laser ray gun, and discovered the chemistry for life. Who knows what we’ll find in the coming months?


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We can be sure that whatever we discover next will be astonishing. That is so long as we keep exploring. It’s up to you and me to keep space exploration alive. It’s through your participation, your passion, and your support that we have been able keep the discoveries coming.

So, thank you especially for being part of our community of space fans. We are explorers looking up and out beyond the horizon, seeking a deeper understanding of our place in space.

Together we can keep missions of discovery, like Curiosity, unveiling the wonders of science and the excitement and adventure of space.


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Bill Nye,
CEO, The Planetary Society


P.S. Join us online August 5th to celebrate Curiosity's first year on Mars with Curiosity Deputy Scientist Ashwin Vasavada.

Curiosity: On Year on Mars

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